Dear Amy,
You made my wedding day (09-04-2006) completed because you are the best
Bride's make-up artist I have ever met. You came to work and participate for
my wedding from 6am to 9pm at the day. Your make-up skill and professional
service made me felt I am the princess on my wedding day. I looks so pretty
and confidence on my big day. Not only I look so great, my mother, mother-in
law and my three bride mates look glamorous at the day, too. You are so
kindness, you took care my MC make-up and hair style, too. It more than
"THANK YOU", "THANK YOU",and "THANK YOU SO MUCH", if there has better words
I can say. From the first time we met, your personality is stand out for me.
You are not pushing brides to do things, you always like to share what you
think the best for the brides, and you always can cooperatively on brides
schedule for their big day.  Now, I think we are not only the one time
relationship between make-up artist and client, because we build up a good
friendship or more in our future.
The lucky bride,